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She's a Wild Child!

I love what Magz did with my Simply Summer Sundress for WellieWishers! She took the bodice part of the pattern and turned it into a bandeau! And then she made a totally rockin' ensemble by adding two QTπ designs. My friend Marilyn over at QTπ Doll Clothing designed the best hoodie and pants for Wellies! Magz, way to go! Super trendy look!

I know you're gonna want to see more from Magz! Here is the link to her Etsy Shop, Magz Rocking Style.

Here is the link to the WellieWisher Simply Summer Sundress.
And here is the link to Marilyn's amazing Rough 'n' Tumble Hoodie.
And here is the link to her Skinny Utility Pants


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