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Total cuteness from head to toes!

Pat Penley's doll is ready for summer! From head to toes, she is dressed for warm weather! I love her Polka Dot Party Dresses! The yellow one is my favorite... fussy cut to make perfect use of the fabric pattern and the bow is absolutely adorable!
And then there's the shoes! This is her FIRST try making shoes! They are great! She is totally invested as a dolly cobbler. She even made a Third Hand!
To keep her shoes looking great, she made a shoe box (Bee's Basic Shoe Box pattern). Tip: It's made from a greeting card!
Here is the link to the Polka Dot Party Dress.
Here is the link to the Plain Jane Shoes.
Here is the link to The Third Hand.
And here is the link to the Plain Jane Shoes video! Almost 20,000 view! WOW!
And don't forget Bee's awesome shoe boxes. Here is the link to her Etsy shop, A Bee Line.

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