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About Us

Hi! My name is Chris Saunders and I am the designer behind Love U Bunches!

My journey into designing doll clothes patterns began in 2012 when my granddaughter decided she wanted an American Girl® doll. So I bought her a doll... and I bought one for me!  Since she lives in Wisconsin and I live in Texas, I had to have my own doll so I could sew outfits and send them to her. My family was so impressed with the outfits that I was sending to her that they decided I should sell my patterns online. When I couldn’t think of an original name for my company, my amazing daughter-in-law, Beth Bosmans, came up with Love U Bunches because that is how I sign all the cards and letters that I send to my granddaughters: Love U Bunches, Grandma!

I don’t have a particular design style. I design what makes me happy for the dolls I love. I am most proud of my two princess gowns: Princess Anya and Princess Jaedyn. These patterns are named after two of my three granddaughters. The future holds one more princess gown… Princess Mahaya!

My one doll has grown into quite a large doll family. I design patterns for American Girl®, American Girl Mini®, Kidz ’n’ Cats®, Journey Girl®, A Girl for All Time®, Karito Kids®, and Maru and Friends®. It’s been quite a journey!

Meet my inspiration! From left to right, these are my amazing granddaughters: Mahaya, Anya, Jaedyn. Hello girls! Grandma loves you bunches!

And finally, a very special thank you to my husband, Bob Saunders, who supported me on this adventure! Love you!