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LUB Testers

I am proud to introduce you to the LUB Testers. They are an amazing group of ladies who help test and refine the patterns that you see for sale here. They are worth their weight in chocolate!

Meet Bee Jacobs. I am a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, and one fluffy cat. I love pink and all things crafty. I need to create. I have so many ideas and projects going at the same time. I love crafting and sewing trendy unique outfits, accessories, and shoes for American Girl® dolls. See more of Bee's amazing work in her Etsy shop, A Bee Line.


Meet Carolyn Gebert. I am retired, live in Texas, and I've been sewing for myself and my family for over 40 years. I have collected dolls all my life and always dreamed of sewing for them. When I discovered the 18" child dolls, like American Girl®, I fell in love with sewing and designing all over again. I sew trendy doll fashions for a variety of dolls and enjoy mixing patterns, colors and textures. Creating mini-fashions brings out the child in me. You can find me on Facebook at Kooky Kardinal. I am also Kooky Kardinal on Etsy.
Meet Dacia Hostetter. My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 8 years old. I started sewing for my Barbie® dolls. I loved to sew for my own baby girl and when she outgrew wanting to wear mom’s dresses, I switched to sewing for her American Girl® dolls. When I needed a way to finance a trip for my daughter and I to go on a band trip to Universal Studios, Mini Me Dolly Divas was born. I love sewing for the dolls and they will never outgrow the want for Mom's handmade outfits. My Etsy shop is Mini Me Dolly Divas and my Facebook is also Mini Me Dolly Divas.
Meet Dana Ronevich. I began sewing by watching my grandmother and in Home Ec classes in junior high. I revisited sewing again as a young mother. Then... my 2 daughters got Felicity and Josephina in 1997. My love of history and period movies/series lured me into sumptuous costuming fabrics. I want to sew more historical, but the demand in my area is trendy. I'm getting ready to dive into the pattern making arena and an Etsy shop in 2016. See more from Dana on her Facebook page, River Twyn Designs.
Meet Deana Guardado. I am a retired aunt and new grandmother who has always loved dolls, sewing, and creating. I also have over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, so I'm a real nerd. I typically look for ways to streamline, automate, or improve the tedious or difficult-to-sew details in doll clothing construction. For the Princess Jaedyn pattern, I digitized the pin tucking of the bodice, and used it for both the front and the back, and loved the results! I will be showcasing and selling some of my work in the future at Innovations In Dollwear.
Meet Debbie Keillor. I live in Queensland, Australia. Retirement has allowed me more time to spend with the family and also renew old hobbies. I have always loved sewing. Now I’ve discovered 18 and 20 inch dolls and love sewing for these beautiful dolls. My retirement hobby has turned into a minor obsession as my collection grows! My Etsy shop is DebsterKay.

Meet Julia Houliston. I live in Minnesota with my husband. I keep my desire to be creative alive by sewing for 18 inch dolls. I use the skills I developed as I grew from making my own clothes in grade school to making my own wedding gown to sewing gowns for more young brides. You can find more of her amazing outfits in her Etsy shop Julia's Creations.

Meet Julie Turner Holmansky. Julie resides in New England with her 2 children, dogs, and a husband who tolerates her creepy doll collection and penchant for fabric hoarding. She specializes in fairy tale and fantasy clothing for dolls. You can find her work at Up Owl Night Crafting in her Etsy shop.

Meet Karen Dosier. I've been sewing and crafting for over 4 decades. I love creating historical fashions for the 18" American Girl® collector dolls. Sewing miniature clothing can be a challenge, but one I'm always up for! I love pairing quality fabrics with trims, and using fine finishes to create quality garments. I've had an Etsy shop, Threads of Troy, since 2010.

Meet Karen Loke. My mother, Betty, taught me to sew when I was just five years old. She instilled in me pride of craftsmanship, creativity and honesty. I sewed my own clothes and continued to sew for my two daughters and their various dolls. The girls are all grown up now, but I am still passionate about sewing and find 18" and 14.5" dolls to be perfect little models. Each outfit is unique and one of a kind! See more from Karen in her Etsy shop, Sew Like Betty.

Meet Kathi Martin. I've been sewing for as long as I can remember. I learned from my mom. Someone asked me to sew for dolls because there was a demand. I said nope! Fast forward... I took Liberty Jane Design Academy and was asked if I would like to test. Yes! I guess I just love designing for dolls. So much versatility, so much fun! That's why I do what I do. For more fabulous designs, check out Kathi's Facebook page.

Meet Kel Pederson. Kel is the owner/operator of the one woman show known as Nuclear Needle Arts. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 dragon. She’s been sewing for over 30 years. When she’s not sewing she loves woodworking and building things with her power tools. See more of her amazing work on her Facebook page or in her Etsy shop, Nuclear Needle Arts.

Meet Kristin Bowyer. I learned to sew as a child, but gained confidence sewing maternity clothes and then smocking outfits for our little children. In the 90s, I made leotards for gymnasts and then turned to quilting for sewing satisfaction. Several of our grandchildren love American Girl dolls, so I created a couple of elaborate costumes for the older granddaughters and some easily-manipulated items for the younger ones about a year ago. I instantly found joy in creating with well designed patterns for the perfectly proportioned little models. You can see her colorful clothing for the 18" crowd in her Etsy shop, Adorably Dolly.
Meet Linda Muszynski. I reside in Michigan but spend a lot of time going to Alabama & Wisconsin to visit Grandchildren. I've sewn doll clothes since I was a teenager. It gives me great pleasure to take fabric and turn it into a completed doll outfit. My favorite LUB pattern that I've tested is Princess Anya, it turns out so lovely. I test patterns because it stretches my brain power. See some of my work in my Etsy shop Dreamy Doll.
Meet Magz Munoz. I sew for dolls because I have a lot of fun working in small scale. I like to design outfits that are exactly like human size only smaller. Plus, dolls don't complain about trying on things a bunch of times! LOL! I like to test because I like to try new things. I get bored doing the same thing over and over. Testing gives me ideas to keep trying new things. I started my sewing business making cloth diapers, but it was so repetitive that it became boring. I wanted to do new things and design adult outfits, but the pattern size and amount of fabric was overwhelming, so I started sewing for dolls. It was just so much fun that I switched completely to only making doll clothes. My website is Magz Rocking Style.
Meet Margaret Johnson. I live in Kentucky. I have only been sewing for 3 years. Up and decided one day I was going to buy a sewing machine and embroidery machine. I started sewing doll clothes for grandkids (they call me GiGi) and from there I started my business GiGi's Doll Creations.

Meet Marie-Odile Pom. I am French and I live in Burgundy. My patient grandmother taught me to sew, knit, embroider, crochet, when I was young. I’m retired now, but I used to sew for my family. Now I sew for my old dolls found in the attic of my parents. But I prefer modern dolls, they are a pleasure to dress - Maru and Friends®, Kidz and Cats®, Little Darling®, Paola Reina®. I love working with a designer and other testers because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I also have a blog.

Meet Melangell Perry.  I am a stay at home Mom to two wonderful teenagers. I started sewing when I was in elementary school. My mother taught me to sew Barbie® doll clothes. My daughter got her first American Girl® doll when she was 6 in 2008. She really got into them the next year and I got my first one in 2010. I hadn't sewn for several years when I started sewing AG clothes around 2012. It was so fun to sew for these "bigger" dolls. I currently sew for American Girl®, Magic Attic®, A Girl for All Time®, Hearts 4 Hearts®, and Makie® dolls. You can find more from Melangell on her Pinterest page.
Meet Mimi James. I’m Mimi James and I’m a novice seamstress. I have 15 grandchildren and learning to sew in my 60s has been a challenge for me. Before learning to sew I was an antique dealer. Antique and vintage linens and clothing were one of the things that I bought and sold the most. I now use my experience in vintage fabrics by re-purposing them into interesting doll outfits. I chose the fabric from a 1910 Edwardian skirt to make one of my favorite LUB patterns, the Princess Anya Dress. I enjoy testing as it helps me learn the proper way to sew. Check out Mimi's Facebook page for more of her lovely designs.
Meet MJ Sewbig. Like many of the testers, I am a retired grandmother. I have sewn all my life, but have focused on making doll clothes for the past 15 years. I love being part of the group process of testing and developing new patterns for American Girl®, Kidz ’N' Cats®, and A Girl For All Time® dolls. You can see some of my work on my Pinterest board.
Meet Olivia Power. I am an Australian wife and mother of five. I began sewing when I was young and stumbled upon 18 inch dolls only a few years ago when my youngest daughter got her first Journey Girls® doll. Since then our doll family has grown and now includes two American Girl® dolls. I enjoy honing my sewing skills and one of the ways I do this is by pattern testing. I love working with a designer and other testers. I think all the LUB patterns are great. It is difficult to choose a favourite. I am glad that I can sew for my local Doll Community. You can find me at my Etsy shop Romana Mai and on Facebook.
Meet Pam VanOteghem. I love to sew, but with my children now adults, I have turned my needle to sewing for charity. Doll clothes for little girls are a special need, one I am blessed to help fill.

Meet Paula Steidinger. I have been sewing since I was 5 years old. I have been sewing American Girl doll clothes since 1993. There is not an end to making doll clothes... always something new. I like to make what is in style each year. I love sewing for dolls since they don't talk back. I test for LUB I because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Here is Paula's Facebook page PJS Doll Fashions

Meet Ruth McRobbie. I bought an American Girl® doll to use as a model so I could make American Girl® clothes for my granddaughters and friends' granddaughters. I always intended to have my own Etsy store and make my own patterns, but never happened. I prefer to dress antique dolls, but also love dressing American Girl® and Maru and Friends®.
Meet Séverine. I'm French from Rouen in Normandy. I am a mother of 2 children (2 and 4 years old) and I work at a hospital as a nursing manager. I've always done clothes for my dolls (since I was 6 years old). I began with socks... Now I dress dolls to see little stars in my daughter's eyes. My favorite dolls are Maru and Friends® and Corolle®.
Meet Stacey Graves. I learned to sew at age 11 from a not-so-patient mother. When the Monster High Doll® craze hit, I became intrigued with the idea of making clothes to fit their weird little bodies. Most recently I've added my first artist resin BJD to the group of dolls I sew for. Many of my items are made with a combination of machine and hand-sewing, although I admit I prefer sewing by hand. Something about taking "one stitch at a time" creates an intimate experience that cannot be duplicated on machine. You can find my stuff at my Etsy shop Traveller 240.
Meet Sue Lyons. I reside in Arizona and am a wife and mother of three amazing adults and two furry kids. I sewed for my kids when they were little but got busy with other things as they grew up. Three years ago I bought American Girl® dolls for my two granddaughters. I was hooked immediately and have been sewing for dolls ever since! Soon after I bought my Granddaughters their dolls, I bought several for myself and started an online business selling doll clothing and accessories. This has been the best job I have ever had! In my spare time I love to read, garden, and travel. My online store is AG Doll Treasures on eBay. 
Meet Tari Hann. I've been sewing for dolls since the mid 80s when I started sewing for Barbie® dolls. I did that up till 2014 when I realized it just wasn't fun anymore. I started collecting American Girl® dolls in 2005 and found that American Girl® and Bitty Baby® were the only dolls I wanted to sew for.  I've been doing craft shows with my American Girl® and Bitty Baby® clothes since 2012 and have built up a nice local following. You can find me at my online shop at Kitt's Kloset, on Facebook, and my Etsy shop at Kitt's Doll Kloset.