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Style It Up

Welcome to the Style It Up  tips and tutorial section!

Try something new, learn a new technique, or download a tutorial showing you how to change the look of one of your LUB patterns! Most LUB patterns are available for several different dolls. While the Style It Up tutorials refer to American Girl, the same principles would apply for resizing or restyling for Kidz 'n' Cats, Journey Girls, A Girl for All Time, Maru and Friends, or Karito Kids.

Style it Up - Faux Zipper Closure

In this tutorial, Kel and I will show you how to use hook and loop tape to make a "faux" zipper. Your closure will look like you stitched in an invisible zipper, but in reality, it's a special technique using hook and loop tape! You can use this technique with any pattern that has a back closure and a lining!

Style it Up - Quick and Easy Medical Mask

In this little tutorial, Karen Loke (from Sew Like Betty) and I will show you how to make a quick and easy medical face mask for your 18" doll. Same look as the original face mask included in the LUB Scrubs pattern, but a different technique.

Style it Up - Create a Paper Skirt Pattern

When a skirt pattern is too large to print on an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper, most designers will just provide you with the the rectangular measurement of the skirt and ask you to cut to those measurements. Pretty easy to cut if you have a quilting cutting board, rotary cutter, and quilting ruler. But what if you don't? Well Julie Holmansky (from Up Owl Night Crafting) and I are going to show you how to take your skirt measurements and make a paper pattern.

Style It Up - Color Blocking

Color blocking is a fun option! You can change the entire look of your sundress in just a few simple steps. In this tutorial, Melangell Perry and Stacey Graves will show you how easy it is to add or create color blocking using your All Buttoned Up! pattern.

Style it Up - Vinyl Plain Jane Shoes

In this little tutorial, my friend and fellow designer Traci Akierman (her brand is KeLibu) and I will show you how to use your Plain Jane Shoes pattern to make dolly shoes out of vinyl. You'll get the same great fit as the fabric shoes that you've made before, but now you can extend your doll's wardrobe and make unique shoes out of vinyl!

Style it Up - How to make The Third Hand

Ever wish that you had one more hand when you are making dolly shoes? Well, in this little tutorial, Gail and John Canty and I will show you how to make The Third Hand. It gives you a solid surface to work on when you are turning the fabric under on the insole and attaching the sole to the shoe!

The Ultimate Tip Sheet for the Plain Jane Shoe Pattern

Are you ready to kick your cobbler skills up to the next level? Looking for a more professional look? Well Love U Bunches (that would be me, Chris Saunders) and Bee Jacobs (dolly shoe cobbler extraordinaire) from A Bee Line, are proud to provide you with the Ultimate Tip Sheet for making your very own Plain Jane Shoes. We will review some of the tips in the pattern and share some new ones!


Style It Up - How to add a ruffle to the Polka Dot Party Dress

In this tutorial, Julia Houliston (LUB Tester) and I will show you how to add a ruffle to the back of your Polka Dot Party Dress. Add a ruffle and some ribbon for a whole new look!

Style It Up - How to Lengthen the Polka Dot Party Dress

In this little tutorial, LUB Tester Pamela VanOteghem and I will walk you through changing your Polka Dot Party Dress from a cute little dress into a full-length gown. In just a few simple steps, you can change the entire look of the dress!