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Sometimes a pattern needs to be be revised. If any revisions are made, they will be listed here with an explanation of the revision. If you have purchased the pattern, you will get an email with the updated version.

2/3/17: The Scrubs pattern for AG has been updated to include an easier and quicker way to attach the neckbands to the scrubs top (Steps 3 through 6).

9/30/16: The Plain Jane Shoes pattern for WellieWishers has been updated to include an additional sole and shoe top that works with pre-cut Shape 3 from Pixie Faire. I have also added a few more construction tips. And to make it easy to find the updates, look for a little pink LUB heart. That means that section is new or updated. An Easy Straw Shoe Horn tutorial is also included!

2/9/16: Polka Dot Party Dress for American Girl® and A Girl for All Time®: Step 6 has been revised to press the bodice side seam open and the skirt side seam toward the dress front. Clip just above the gathering. Small change but it allows the side seam to lay flatter.