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At the end of the month, my retirement from designing doll clothes will become official. I say that because I have retired “several” times in the past, but the lure of designing has always drawn me back in. I’m sure my testers are laughing and rolling their eyes thinking that I will be back, but this time it’s for real. 

In a few weeks, if you go to you will be redirected to my pattern collection at Pixie Faire. Same adorable patterns, just arranged a bit differently. So while I will be retiring, my patterns will not! They will be available for purchase exclusively at Pixie Faire.

However, the Style It Up section will not be transferring to my Pixie Faire link. So if you want any of the tutorials that my testers so graciously put together, please download them before the end of the month. 

I may be retiring from designing, but I’m not going away! I am super excited to be signed up to test for a couple outstanding designers (sewing and knitting). I will keep the LUB Facebook page open and will be sharing what I make as well as news from American Girl and A Girl for All Time (Yes! I did preorder Elinor!), and other dolls. 

To wrap things up, a very special thank you to my family, the amazing LUB Testers, and the fabulous people at Pixie Faire for all their support over the years! You guys rock!

Chris Saunders, Owner & Designer


*** Love U Bunches patterns are available exclusively at Pixie Faire ***
To purchase a pattern, simply click on the link in the pattern description.
Download - Print - Sew ! 


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