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The Traveling Doll Project!

The Love U Bunches (LUB) Testers and I are super excited to announce the Traveling Doll Project! 

The Project: 

Candy-Floss, a ball and joint resin doll by Berdine Creedy (an award winning doll designer) will travel around the world to meet with 18 LUB testers. Each tester is going to make an outfit for her and then take her on a photo tour of their city!

The Goals: 

***To spread joy, happiness, and friendship through the magic of dolls!

***To give the LUB testers an opportunity to share what makes their cities special!

***To experience the wonderful world of ball and joint resin dolls!

To follow Candy-Floss's journey, we have set up a special Facebook page for her! Simply go to the Traveling Doll Project to find out where she is and where she is going! 


We are always adding new patterns, so stop by frequently!

Chris Saunders, Owner & Designer


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